Our pool is 25metres long and includes a sauna and spa.  Swimming caps are mandatory when swimming in the pool.  Caps can be purchased or hired at Customer Service.

Friends Health & Fitness Lap Swimmers Lane Etiquette Guide
By following these simple suggestions you can help to create a safe and enjoyable swim session for yourself and others.

  • Please swim on the left hand side at all times of the lane avoiding the possibility of any head on collisions.
  • Check the lane speed signs and select the lane displaying the appropriate speed for your swimming ability.
  • Give way to faster swimmers by allowing room for them to pass.
  • When over taking ensure your legs, feet, arms and hands are not going to contact other swimmers.
  • Rests should be taken at the left hand corner of the lane to avoid getting in the way of swimmers turning.

View our regularly updated Pool lane schedule here

Thank you for your Co-operation, Happy Swimming!