Friends Small Group Training

Enjoy training in a group

Friends Small Group Training is a ‘new’ way to train and will help you get the results you want, quickly.
  • All the benefits of 1-1 coaching at a much lower cost
  • Unlimited small group training (max 5 participants)
  • Workouts designed to meet your needs
  • Supportive small group environment with like-minded people
  • Catch up with your trainer monthly to review progress
  • Programming session with you trainer every 6 weeks
  • Unlimited access to all areas of the facility

Small Group Training Timetable June 2021

How it works

You’ll have an initial consultation session with one of our personal trainers who:
  • Listens to your goals
  • Understands your needs
  • Assesses where you are now
  • Tailors a program to help you achieve your goals
After your initial consultation, you will be able to book into the Small Group Training sessions and start training with us. 
Please visit the Centre for more information or call us on 6210 2241.

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